List of 3D-monitors and laptops for use in stereo
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Author:  Sergey Oleynik [ 22 Mar 2012, 13:08 ]
Post subject:  List of 3D-monitors and laptops for use in stereo

List of 3D-monitors and laptops for use in stereo

Delta/Digitals software supports two types of 3D-monitors:

Page flipping stereo with active shutter glasses
Synonyms: page flipping, frame sequencing, active glasses

These 3D-monitors provides frame swapping for left and right images, usually with a frequency of 120Hz. Active shutter glasses (came with the monitor or purchased separately) work at the same frequency and in turn obscure the image to the left/right eye. Thus, the left eye sees only the odd (left) frames, and the right eye only the even (right) frames.

nVidia Quadro graphics card is required to use these monitors in Delta/Digitals. Only such professional cards allow you to run a stereo in a separate window (quad buffered stereo). In the Digitals settings select stereo interface Glasses (OpenGL) on Hardware tab in Tools|Options.

Download setup/installation manual >>>

Supported shutter glasses models:

3D-monitor Samsung 2233RZ with stereo glasses nVidia 3D Vision
3D-monitor S23A700D with stereo glasses included.
Other Samsung 3D-monitors (S27A950D, T27A950, S23A950D, S27A750D, T27A750, S23A750D, T23A750) with stereo glasses included.
3D-monitor ASUS VG236
BenQ XL2410 and XL2420 (nVidia 3D Vision ready 3D monitors)

Interlaced stereo with passive glasses
Synonyms: horizontal interlace, horizontal interleave, LG Cinema3D

These 3D-monitors have a special coating with different polarization for odd and even rows of the screen. Passive glasses with lenses of different polarization obscures all the even lines for the left eye and all odd for the right. Thus, the left eye sees only the odd lines (left picture), and the right only the even (right).

Such interlaced 3D-monitors lose in the vertical resolution and also provides slower image scrolling. Their advantage is the lower price and passive glasses without flickering. They can also work with any video card.

To use these monitors in the Delta/Digitals, select stereo interface 3D-monitor (H-Interlace) in Tools|Options|Hardware.

Supported models with interlaced stereo:

3D-Monitor Zalman ZM-M220W
3D-laptop Acer 5738DG
3D-Monitor LG Cinema3D D2542
3D-Monitor LG Cinema3D D2342

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